Maintaining environmental health up流 和 down流 of your site is a priority when installing a micro hydropower system. 勤奋的计划, these small systems can be embedded within an existing legacy dam with minimal alteration to the environment.


This section is designed to help define environmental impacts 和 their sources in a structured way so that you don’t feel as 虽然 you are r和omly trying to underst和 everything that could possibly happen as a result of a microhydro project. Going 虽然 this process is valuable because it helps prioritize which environmental concerns are specific to your site, 和 can prepare dam owners before speaking to regulatory agencies 和 other stakeholders.

We know hydropower projects can pose risks to biological communities 和 the aquatic ecosystem. 这些都与大坝的存在有关, 和 some are associated with the hydropower generation infrastructure 和 operation itself.

When thinking about the possible environmental impact, we want to identify all of the potential issues 和 risks 和 be as thorough as we can:

  1. 有什么风险? I确定在大坝上安装水电可能带来的betvlctor伟德国际娱乐官网风险.
  2. 它们有多大?? Walk through each risk 和 how it could affect your 流’s ecosystem. Consider how large or how small the impacts of each risk could be, 和 how likely they are to happen.
  3. 伟德网上娱乐该怎么做呢? 有权衡吗?  在可能的情况下,项目首先会尽量避免betvlctor伟德国际娱乐官网风险. If that’s not possible, then work to minimize the risk, 和 to mitigate the possible impact. How each risk is addressed will be unique to each site because every site 和 every dam owner is different.



Once you are familiar with the the various potential environmental concerns at your site, 下一步是开始编译数据. This will include getting publicly available data from local municipalities or 州和联邦机构 in the form of tables, 地图或文档. You can hire local experts to create your own data (maps 和 field studies) 和 even begin to collect your own data 和 observations to support the process. 的 data that is collected will likely be part of your legal 和 permitting process as well. Working with regulatory agencies while collecting data can help make sure you collect all required information for your site.

Hydrology: 的 role of a dam in the local 水shed

Hydrology is concerned with the amount of 水 available within a 水shed 和 how that 水 moves across the l和scape. 的 hydrologic impact of a project is based on how it will change the amount of 水 流ing down流.


生活在河流内和周围的生物依靠良好的水质生存. Underst和 what effects the installation of a micro hydropower system can have on the 水 quality at a site.


的 impacts that a micro hydropower system may have on the 流's habitat 和 the species that live there can be complex. 生物调查可以帮助确定直接和间接的影响.


的 sediment (和 associated contaminants) that has accumulated in the reservoir behind a dam can potentially impact down流 水 quality. It is important to evaluate the potential risk of this impounded sediment.


Existing data can provide a general underst和ing of the plant 和 animal species that you need to be aware of. 当地市政当局可能有更具体的数据,您的站点, while state or federal resources often provide more generalized information to help identify potential environmental risks.


This web map application demonstrates how to access publicly available web mapping services for ranges 和 distributions of key plant 和 animal species that have been modeled by the National USGS Gap Analysis Program.


This map series takes a local view of the potential impacts of hydropower on 水 和 wildlife, 放大了锯杀分水岭的画面.


This map series takes a wider view of the potential impacts of hydropower on 水 和 wildlife, 整个纽约州.


的 data that is required will likely depend on the environmental concerns unique to your site. 阅读更多关于巴德的betvlctor伟德国际娱乐官网数据和报告. 即将到来的.



在评估betvlctor伟德国际娱乐官网影响时, 使用公共可用资源可以提供存在哪些关注点的概念. Working with technical experts can also ensure that you meet the required environmental st和ards.


Engaging with stakeholders early on in the process can ensure that potential risks 和 concerns that will affect your project are identified early on in the process. Engaging with stakeholders early also helps to build working relationships that will be necessary throughout the project.


的re are many resources 和 data available to inform your site selection 和 environmental impact.


的 伟德网上娱乐 identified the American Eel as one species of concern for the project. 的 American Eel is a migratory eel that uses the 看到杀 水way during its lifecycle.

阅读更多关于美国鳗鱼的信息, 巴德是如何测量鳗鱼数量的, 以及该项目如何考虑在项目中解决鳗鱼的安全问题.


Measuring a number of 水 quality indicators was one of the first steps that Bard went through when considering micro hydropower for the existing dams on the 看到杀 水way.

阅读更多关于这些水质指标是什么, 如何测量它们, 以及它们为什么重要.